How to Continue to Achieve Your Gym Goals

gym goals

It happens to a lot of people: you go to the gym as always, but soon you see you’re not getting the results you want, you reach a plateau or hit a wall. This is one of the reasons why people give up, often well before achieving the fitness goals they’ve set for themselves.

Studies show that a large percentage of people who begin a fitness program quit within the first month, mostly because of a lack of time, motivation and support as well as unrealistic expectations. The latter is perhaps one of the most common reasons why people stop going to the gym–they expect to see results right away, and when they don’t, they get discouraged and leave.

What people need to know is that the rate of progress vis-a-vis one’s fitness goals is different for everyone. When you feel like you’re not making headway towards achieving your gym goals, don’t quit. Do the following to keep you going.

Join a club or get a workout buddy–or two.

Joining a club is a great motivation to keep going as it keeps you accountable and you’ll always have someone to work out with and support you on your training journey. It’s all too common to skip the gym when you have other things to do (or think you need to do) during the time you’re supposed to be in the gym. However, if you have someone to check in with–preferably someone whose motivation exceeds yours–it will be harder for you to make an excuse.

If you’re not much of a social person, a buddy or two will do so you have someone else to keep pace or work out with. When you know someone else is looking forward to working out with you and keeping both your stats up will help you stay committed. A gym buddy can also double as a spotter for exercises you may be too hesitant to try. Having a workout buddy along can also be an opportunity to engage in some friendly competition–for many people, this is all the motivation they need to keep on going.

Change up your routine.

It’s easy to get bored if you do the same routine over and over, and this is why it’s important to change things up every now and then to keep things fresh. You can achieve your gym goals through different challenging exercises, and you also avoid the dreaded plateau by varying your workout’s level of difficulty.

Know your pace.

People tend to do too much too soon when starting any fitness programme and consequently burn themselves out. To avoid this, step back a bit and pace yourself. Take time to know your body and how it adapts to different challenges. Take note of signs of progress before taking things to the next level.

Be consistent.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, especially in physical training. Keep this in mind and stay consistent with your diet and workouts in order to see real results. Make your workout part of your regular routine, but remember to design your fitness programme in such a way that the exercises can be changed to prevent boredom and according to your pace. Stay consistent and you will get stronger, leaner and more fit as the days go by.